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Duplicati, RHEL6 and Windows 7

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I’ve been using CrashPlan Home to backup both my main Windows box and my CentOS6-based file server for a few years. CrashPlan lets you back up CIFS shares as long as they’re mounted in such a way that the SYSTEM user can reach them (I think newer version of CrashPlan may have just included the capability natively).

However, CrashPlan Home is sunsetting and the replacement I went with, Backblaze, doesn’t appear to support network drives either via the workaround above or natively.

Rather than shift all my CentOS6 NAS contents to a local drive on my Windows machine, I installed Duplicati on the Cent box and configured it to back up its file system to a CIFS share on my Windows system. Backblaze then backs that drive up along with the underlying Duplicati data. This does take up approximately twice the hard drive space, but is an OK solution for me for the moment.

I did run into an odd issue where Duplicati kept crashing repeatedly with various cryptic Mono errors. I couldn’t find anything obvious to fix, but noticed that when the crash occurred I also could no longer access the CIFS mount on the Cent box. Testing manually with smbclient produced the following:


Searching around, the issue appeared to actually be on the Windows side with the Lanman service running out of memory. Restarting the service helped temporarily, but after kicking off a Duplicati run again, it still crashed.

The following posts helped me solve the issue:


Written by Variant

February 22, 2018 at 11:12 pm

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