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CyanogenMod 7.1

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I switched back over to the latest and greatest CyanogenMod on my Droid 1 yesterday. I’d ditched it for “stock” (with a few customizations) about a year ago because it seemed to slow my phone down, and most of the bells and whistles I never really made use of. However, after reading some good things on LWN about the latest release (corbet there uses it on an ancient Nexus One) I decided maybe it was time to give it another shot.

So far am really liking it. It’s pretty quick and I get my small font sizes back in the SMS/MMS app. I had some troubles with my text messages, though. Thought I backed them up with Titanium, but when I restored after upgrading, apparently I pulled from a dump of data taken in August of last year. That was pretty confusing to say the least, but made for kind of an interesting time warp. Weird to see the conversations you were having with people a year back…

In any case, so far I haven’t regretted switching. Let’s see if I stick with it or feel compelled to go out and buy a Droid 3 (can you root that thing yet? Guess I’ll have to check).


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October 16, 2011 at 7:56 am

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